Losing your entire natural, permanent teeth or missing teeth can have a damaging impact on your self-esteem, change your facial appearance and interfere with one of the most fundamental human functions - eating.

Opting for a high quality set of new complete dentures (false teeth) can eradicate the physical problems as well as rebuilding your lost confidence.

A full set of dentures can be a lot of money, so it is vital that you make the right choice of dentures and Clinical Dental Technician right from the start.

If you want your false teeth to provide the most dramatic results and maintain long-term durability you need to invest in quality materials. These must be combined with the work of a highly skilled and experienced Clinical Dental Technician (denturist).

Only those Clinical Dental Technicians (denturists) who have added to their skills and knowledge over time will use the latest developments in denture technology to maximise the cosmetic enhancements they can bring to the wearer.

For instance, the lower half of the face may have a very flat area where the denture sits, due to excessive shrinkage of the jawbone, which will get worse as you get older. The Same Day Dentures use Ivoclar Vivadent's SR Orthoplane DCL ® teeth which are specially designed to combat the problem.

Why our dentures are different

Clinical Dental Technician (denturist) Barrie Semp, of The Same Day Dentures , explains: "Complete dentures will usually contain 12 front teeth positioned for correct speech, a natural smile and support for your lips when chewing. At The Same Day Dentures up to 16 back teeth will also be positioned to maintain your lower face height and help you to chew food."

Upper dentures usually stay in place by suction, but the lower denture is designed to fit the gums and muscles, making it less secure and harder to use. Injection moulded denture bases, produced by The Same Day Dentures , should fit better. Ask your dentist or clinician whether an SB Ivocap ® injection moulded denture is suitable for you.