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WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTSIf you have one or more missing teeth and still consider about what are dental implants, then you can find out the answer about dental implants in this articles. Dental implants are one type of denture that is permanent, is made by installing a special pin or implants made from Titanium into the jawbone at the lost tooth.

The Functions of the pin or implants are as an artificial tooth buffer. In the case of losing just one tooth, pin implanted is just one, but if more, then the screws that planted also need some implants depending on the number of missing teeth.

The requirements for the manufacture of dental implants are much more complex when compared with other denture-making process, because it requires dental implant procedures involving bone tissue of the user.

Some factors to consider if you want to make dental implants is include the patient’s general health. They must be in good health and had no systemic diseases such as diabetes, bone disorders, etc. The structures of bone to where it sown implant should have certain height and the condition is still good.

Dental Pin implants placed through a mild surgical procedure that resulted in the unification process of the bone and there is a relationship between the bones with a metal bolt which is quite strong.

After installation is complete and has been happening screw union with jaw bone cells then wait until the wound healed tissues, then mounted pin to support the crown, only then installed crown.

With this procedure, the manufacture of dental implants may take more than 6 months, and the cost is more expensive because it requires special materials, such as a special type of metal pegs that can stimulate bone growth around the implant pin.

In addition, any special equipment used and require a high sterility. The advantage of artificial tooth implants is no need to be opened / removed, and does not require abutment. So it can be installed in a patient who has lost all his teeth. As well as crown and bridge, there is no ceiling area covered denture base. So the perception of taste likes the original tooth.

Use this function denture not only replace the missing tooth, but it serves as custodian network that still exists, i.e. tissues of teeth, gums and bone. The dental implants users should really pay attention to the denture cleanliness and the original tooth.

On the use of jackets, pins, crowns and bridges in the area of gum hygiene must be observed. If there is damage to the teeth in the gum will result in a leak in the area. Leaks in the long run will undermine the inside of the denture so that the crown is not supported. Natural tooth can suddenly break and crown cannot be maintained so that the teeth should be revoked.

In making the selection of every type of denture is in turn depends on the conditions and situation of the patient’s mouth and dental considerations. If any type of denture is possible, other considerations you must take is to be adjusted to your financial condition.

The price of dental implants varies greatly depending on location, and number of implants required, however, can take an average of manufacture is about $ 1000 per implants and for the crown of a dental implant costs about $ 250 – $ 350.

With the explanation above we expected you can get a full explanation about what are dental implants.

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