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Valplast DenturesValplast dentures are one type of dentures that can be an alternative to replace missing teeth.

When compared to the acrylic dentures, valplast dentures are more flexible, so patients will feel more comfortable.

In addition, valplast dentures also does not require wires, or wire on the acrylic dentures grappling as usual, so the patient does not need to fear, that the wire will be visible when smiling or talking and even laughing.

But there is little drawbacks of valplast dentures namely the price is slightly more expensive when compared with ordinary acrylic dentures.

The Process of Making Valplast Dentures


Valplast making procedures in principle is the same as acrylic dentures, beginning with the printing of the teeth as a model study. Further processing is then performed in the dental laboratory.

The most important thing in making these valplast dentures is making the wings in the gums around the teeth that close in place of wire clasp.

Besides that, in general, making the teeth with the case valplast free end denture should consider the condition of the mouth as a whole. Because if not consider the condition of the mouth, then it would not be a stable valplast dentures.

Facial height measurements also need to be done properly, to keep the denture is comfortable in a long time, and do not cause pain in the jaw joint.

These sizes include: an imaginary line connecting the center of the pupil of the eye to the outer limits of the nostrils. The distance shall be equal to the distance of the philtrum under the nose to the bottom of the chin is reduced 2-4mm. Due to the distance of the position of the jaw in a hanging position, so that there is distance between teeth on the upper and lower jaw.

If this is not met, then a period of time will cause pain in the jaw joint due to a change in the position of the mandible condylus.

At the time of fitting valplast dentures, be aware of the edges, so it was right in place and do not cause pain or excessive pressure on the gums.

Often the case is often found a bone protrusion on some gum. This of course can cause its own problems in the use of valplast dentures. Step we can do is to reduce the pressure plate on the section. However, this can make a thin plate that can be easily cracked in a long time usage.

Another possible way to cope is to bone surgery smoothing the sharp or pointed.

Valplast dentures will be very convenient when making correct and timely. Therefore, it should be discussed first of all actions and all the possibilities with the patient so the patient will feel satisfied.

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