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PostHeaderIcon What Is So Fascinating About One Day Dentures ?

one day denturesIf you want to make dentures that you can use immediately, you should to consider making one day dentures.

One day dentures are one type of false teeth belonging to the class of immediate dentures. Dentures are made in quick time, so the teeth can be directly used after a tooth extraction done.

The Advantages of wearing one day dentures is you do not have an experience to have missing time in a long time. This is especially necessary when a tooth is removed the front teeth, so you need not feel ashamed if have to attend the event on the same day.

One day dentures are usually made using acrylic resin materials, because this material does not require a long process in the making and can be directly polished in a short time directly shiny.

One day dentures from acrylic material is also highly recommended for quick installation, since a time when the tooth is experiencing easing or requiring the addition of the next tooth, then the process needed to be easier, when compared with other types of dentures, such as valplast dentures.

If you wear one day dentures, then in a few months there is the possibility of shrinkage of the gums, as gum made after revocation is not stable and the wound has not completely dried and cured. If the immediate dentures that are made and installed shortly after the repeal, then there will be easing at the base or the plate of the tooth.

When this happens, you should immediately see your dentist to be done immediately the process of rebasing and relining. Read the rest of this entry »