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PostHeaderIcon What Is the Benefits of Bridge Dentures

Teeth must be removed if may be susceptible to damage that causes tooth, so it needs to be replaced with dentures. Teeth can damage due to the continued occurrence of caries, periodontal disease, or damage due to trauma.

Dentures broadly divided into two types, namely:

1. Fixed Dentures

The dentures that installed by attaching to the teeth next to the bridge using materials special cement for dentures

2. Removable dentures

These dentures can be removed and installed by the patient independently, attached to the tooth using a clasp or inherent right on tooth anchorage

The fixed denture usually called a bridge, because the shape is like a bridge connecting several teeth simultaneously.

In general, patients prefer the type of bridge dentures than removable dentures. The benefits of using of dentures bridges are as follows:

1. Because attached to the original tooth material using cement, thus not easily separated or ingested at the time of usage

2. Bridges dentures will more like real teeth, because it does not wear dentures plate attached to the gums as usual there on removable dentures. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Dentures Implants Cost

Which One Cheaper? Dentures or Implants ?

Some people love dentures and some others love implants. Well, both methods are made to correct the missing teeth so we can get a perfect look and of course a perfect smile. Well, both methods are so effective on giving us the perfect look we need, but unfortunately dentures are sometimes giving uncomfortable feeling on the gum. To solve the uncomfortable feeling, implants are created. However, many people prefer to choose dentures implants cost because it is less expensive.

The regular dentures price range is from $1500 to $1,500, while implants price starts from $1,200. If we want to replace all the teeth, then we should prepare about $50,000, not a cheap cost for artificial teeth. Not what about the durability? Dentures last about 15 years, while implants about 25 years. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Dentures A New Smile for You

All of us were born with perfect teeth, but food, accident, aging are able to ruin the perfection of our teeth. If such thing happens, then simple thing like smiling becomes the hardest thing to do. Therefore, dentures procedure was made, to give the missing teeth back and of course to give the smile back. Dentures a new smile ning is a process to replace the missing teeth by taking the damaged teeth and its tissues and replace it with the artificial one. Dentures are divided into two types: partial and complete dentures. The partial dentures are done if there are only some missing teeth, but complete dentures are done if all the teeth need to be fixed and replaced.

On the partial dentures, dentist will put a crown on the teeth to hold the artificial teeth. After that, the spaces on the missing teeth are filled with pasta or artificial teeth. After the process has done, the artificial teeth will look like the real teeth. On the complete dentures a new smile ning, dentist will remove all the teeth first. Read the rest of this entry »