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PostHeaderIcon Cost Of Dentures – How Much Is It?

cost of denturesIf your dentist has advised you to get dentures then among other things one of the most important thought that crosses your mind is will it burn a hole through my pocket or can I bear the pecuniary burden with ease? The answer to it cannot be a simple one simply because there are so many other factors to consider in order ascertaining the cost of dentures. A thorough discussion with your dentist will be necessary before you zero in on the type of denture you need and the cost of dentures can then be discussed.

Dentures are removable replacements of missing teeth and surrounding tissue and are generally of two types: complete dentures and partial dentures. The former is used when all the teeth are missing and the latter when some natural teeth are remaining. Dentures can also be the conventional dentures, immediate dentures and cosmetic dentures. The conventional dentures are those that are fitted when the bone and gums heal after the extraction of the natural teeth whereas, the immediate dentures are fitted immediately after removal of the natural teeth.

The conventional dentures are the most affordable dentures. The cosmetic dentures are made with modern ceramic porcelain teeth and are more natural looking than any of the other type of dentures. They are individually crafted and look very much like natural teeth with very natural looking support structure. The cosmetic dentures cost a tad bit more than the other dentures but the satisfaction they provide more than offsets the disadvantage associated with its price. Read the rest of this entry »