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All of us were born with perfect teeth, but food, accident, aging are able to ruin the perfection of our teeth. If such thing happens, then simple thing like smiling becomes the hardest thing to do. Therefore, dentures procedure was made, to give the missing teeth back and of course to give the smile back. Dentures a new smile ning is a process to replace the missing teeth by taking the damaged teeth and its tissues and replace it with the artificial one. Dentures are divided into two types: partial and complete dentures. The partial dentures are done if there are only some missing teeth, but complete dentures are done if all the teeth need to be fixed and replaced.

On the partial dentures, dentist will put a crown on the teeth to hold the artificial teeth. After that, the spaces on the missing teeth are filled with pasta or artificial teeth. After the process has done, the artificial teeth will look like the real teeth. On the complete dentures a new smile ning, dentist will remove all the teeth first. After that, dentist will make a copy of the gum shape, so the artificial teeth suit the gum perfectly. There are two methods available the immediate and conventional method. On the immediate dentures, soon after the teeth are removed, artificial teeth can be attached, while on the conventional dentures, patients should wait more than eight weeks until the artificial teeth are ready.

Dentures a new smile ning is very beneficial for seniors and people who have to lose their teeth because of accident, medical problems, and many others. Not only giving an aesthetic function, the dentures are giving a comfort when chewing as well. How much dentures cost? Well, it is varied, depends on the number of artificial teeth needed and materials used for the artificial teeth.

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